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Fact-based book on exponential growth and how the COVID-19 virus appears to be transmitted (both in the air and on surfaces).
Proper personal and home hygiene methods.
Ways to reduce its spread include social distancing, hygiene, and boosting your immune system. Tips on how to boost your immune system are included.
How to grow some of your own food, even if you live in a studio apartment, are included.
Information on treatment options for those who have become infected are included (and yes you do need to see a health care professional).
Important description of what it looks like inside an Italian hospital where the country is under lockdown from a physician there. We need to prevent that from happening here.
Yes you should stock up on essentials: medicines, non-perishable food, water (you can use clean containers to store your own tap water).
Get your paycheck and bills on auto-pay today if you have not done so. That worked well even after 9/11.
Be prepared in case of any quarantine or loss of essential services (water, power both electricity and gas). Anticipate 911 will be harder to rely on.
There are outbreaks of other viral illnesses in other parts of the world. The best protection for everyone is:
social distancing, hygiene, and optimized immune systems.
Do not megadose willy-nilly. Megadosing has consequences.
Get a 25-hydroxy Vitamin D test. Your Vitamin D levels should be in the 60-80 ng/mL range for best protection. Sun is the best source of Vitamin D. Beef liver and oily fish are good sources of Vitamin D. If you need to supplement Vitamin D3 Vitamin K2, magnesium, and some oil/fat will aid absorption.
Vitamin C is a legitimate nutrient to help ward off illness.
Do not overdo selenium, but you do want your selenium levels to be good as that helps ward off viral infections.
You want healthy levels of glutathione as well. There are more nutrients that are important as well.
Our bodies do have the ability to deal with most viruses and bacteria so long as we are well-nourished.
Very important to remain well-hydrated; also to keep stress levels reasonable and have adequate, quality sleep. This applies to medical professionals as well!
Do not "panic;" just know the facts so you and your family have the best chance to not become ill.

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