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This is the pandemic book with the answers to all your questions. We have known for months that the working class, the women of our country, and the peoples of color in America are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 for many reasons. The types of jobs that cannot be performed from home, the types of jobs where social distancing is nearly impossible, and the home life situations where an infected person cannot distance from family to protect them all contribute to that increased risk. We also know that the differences in the way some people in these groups access and interact with our healthcare system that led to higher rate of death in minorities from diabetes and heart disease would translate into higher death rate from COVID-19 as well. Despite these facts, we are seeing a crisis of misinformation spreading faster than the virus. Some people don’t believe the virus is real. Some people don’t think the virus is hurting anyone. Some people think the death toll is exaggerated. The images of large crowds of people at parties and inside bars and clubs are disturbing. As a healthcare provider, I plead to you today to think twice before you underestimate this virus. If not for yourself, then for your neighbors, your extended family, and your coworkers. You may not die from a COVID-19 infection, in fact, you may not even notice if you are infected, but if you pass the infection to a friend or family member who isn’t as lucky, you can’t take that back. The truths of COVID-19 must be spread to dispel the rumors and myths in hopes that we continue to slow the spread of infection until a vaccine is developed.

Gezondheid, lichaam en geest
2 juli
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