Cruel Heir Cruel Heir
Boek 1 - Dirty Royals

Cruel Heir

A Royal Enemies To Lovers Romance

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A wealthy prince burdened by the weight of his royal duties. A determined reporter relentlessly chasing her next breaking story. An electrifying night of desire that ignites a scandalous inferno.
I’m Prince Stellan, known to the world as the handsome heir to the Danish throne. I’m serious, studious, and single. I bear the heavy weight of my family’s expectations and every single move I make is mobbed by the press. So when I have the chance to go incognito for a night of partying in New York City, I jump at it.
Desperate for a brief escape, I venture into the enigmatic realm of an underground nightclub. Surrounded by the pulsating lights and rhythmic beats, my gaze locks onto Margot. She’s a mesmerizing beauty with vivid pink hair and a fierce glint in her eyes. Her spirited nature and alluring dance moves captivate me instantly.
The chemistry between us is insane from the beginning. I know that I can’t court Margot seriously. She’s a commoner. And even worse, she’s an American. My family expects me to choose a noble Danish bride. So I lie about my identity and bring her back to my hotel for a night that neither of us will ever forget.
In the morning, before I can sneak Margot out of my hotel room, the paparazzi invade. Soon, the secret of my royal lineage is revealed. But the real stunner comes from pretty little Margot.
She’s a reporter for a New York City newspaper who has stumbled onto what could be a huge story about a playboy prince. Bad press is the last thing I need right now.
So I offer Margot a deal. A prestigious job in Copenhagen and a luxurious stipend, in exchange for pretending to follow me around for a months’ long lifestyle article. I’m notoriously close mouthed around the press, so a story about me will be a real feather in her cap.
All she has to do is say yes…
From Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Vivian Wood comes a new royalty-enemies to lovers-billionaire romance. Fans of Ruthless Reign by Aleatha Romig, Twisted Games by Ana Huang, and Cheeky Royal by Nana Malone will love this book.

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Keywords: queen, princess, rich, wealthy, powerful, prince, king, royal, royalty, heir, inherit, regal, strong-willed, bound by duty, honor, freedom, love, dreams, abdicate, political marriage, protector, bodyguard, kingdom, realm, destroy, fairy tale, happily ever after, Cinderella, off limits, commoner

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Romantische fictie
2 juni
Vivian Veritas LLC

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