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Two mortal enemies rule this city - and I belong to them both

I once fawned at the supernatural beings in our city. I marveled at their powers and praised them for saving us from murderers, rapists and arsonists.

Then I met him. The city’s most prominent superhuman. Its favored hero.

He saved my life. And then… then he marked me as his pet and taught me that in St. Anthony, there are no such things as heroes.

But with his claim, he caught the attention of everything that is dark and twisted in this city. Their eyes are on me now, and one of them will stop at nothing to take what belongs to his enemy.

Especially me.

No human woman can survive two powerful beings using her body as their battleground, but my city is doomed, corruption eating away at its very core. If I want to save it, I’ll have to submit to both the men determined to own me.

Breed me.

Romantische fictie
23 april
Little Huldra Media


Cecile smits ,

There’s Light in the Darkness

When Nora Ash asked me if i was interested in the ARC of the updated edition of the boxset of Darkness,i immediately said YES PLEASE! And what a story it turned out to be....with one sweet,sassy and curvy herione,and not one,but two superheroes! Or supes,as they call themselves.....

Kathryn was doing her best to mind her own business,trying to keep her blog alive,when she went for a simple coffee and ended up being saved by Lightning. Not only that,she even managed to ask him a few questions. But when he was rude to her,he suddenly wasn’t the hero she always thought him to be....Writing a blog with her feelings still raw wasn’t the best idea she ever had,though. Because it lands her in a lot of trouble. Lightning finds her,”marks” her and warns her to stay out of that trouble if she knows what’s good for her. Her interest piqued,she decides to start her own investigation. And that lands her in the path of The Shade,the town’s bad supe....He sees the”mark”,tells her it’s only partial,and shows her exactly what a full mark is. From there,she can’t seem to get away from either supe for long.....or out of trouble. What will happen to her? Will these two “sworn enemies” ever leave her in peace? Does she really want them to? And what is really happening in St. Anthony?

Only question i have now,is where can i find me some supes?
Because if these two,in spite of their little flaws,are indeed part of a large community,i want a few of my own!

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