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DASH Diet [Second Edition] Everything You Need to Know About the DASH Diet Plan and DASH Diet Recipes --------- Now [Second Edition], with the following changes: * New introduction * New section: "Understanding Why Hypertension Occurs" - 440 words. * New recipes - approx 3797 words. * Improved formatting and editing --------- Over 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from high blood pressure. Another 14 percent of the population has high cholesterol levels. Many people control their conditions by taking prescription drugs, but many of these medications come with unpleasant or even dangerous side effects. That's why so many people are switching to the DASH diet for high blood pressure. It allows them to get off the drugs without risking their health. The DASH diet provides a safe, natural and affordable alternative to conventional medications. Originally developed by qualified nutritionists and other medical professionals, a Dash diet menu has been clinically shown to reduce hypertension and improve heart health. This DASH diet book provides recipes, guidelines and sample food plans to help you make a natural, healthy choice to improve your blood pressure. You'll find everything you need to make this lifestyle change simple. You'll enjoy a tasty selection of DASH diet foods, plus DASH diet recipes designed to help you prepare them easily and without loss of flavor. The included 5-day DASH diet plan will help you follow the DASH diet guidelines to select enjoyable recipes for balanced nutrition. If you've been using conventional medication to help control your blood pressure, there's no reason to pop pills for the rest of your life. Using the DASH diet for hypertension is a doctor-approved strategy with well-documented scientific results.

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