Daughter of Darkness Daughter of Darkness

Daughter of Darkness

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In the beginning, there wasn’t simply Heaven and Earth, regardless of what the scholars of Man had led the masses to believe. In the all expansive and infiniteness of space, and the countless universes, the Angels once played and called many planets home. They were Gods in their own minds, a perfect representation of the Creator, thus they were above all other creations. 

The Creator loved each creation equally, dedicating a star to each and every one of them in the expansiveness of the Creator’s kingdom, and overlooked their haughty comparisons to the undeniable omnipotence of the Alpha and Omega. 

That is, until competition for the Creator’s attention crawled out of the primordial slime. 

Like an amused child with a toy, the Creator watched as the slithering creature started to evolve: bacteria turned into fungi, that fungus shapen and became substantial with gills and fins, eventually the fins turned into clawed scale-covered feet, scales fell away to fur, fins turned into four legs that eventually moved upright onto two, and soon the fur fell away to smooth skin. Amused and impressed at the unconventional means of inadvertent creation, the Creator started to show favoritism towards this new creature, this creations called Man. 

The Angels were not happy to share the Creator’s undivided attention, and after many millennia had passed, and the Creator still hadn’t lost amusement in, and adore for, the pathetic creature that had started to spread across the water rich planet called Earth, and the Angels took it personally and plotted against the Creator’s little ‘pet’. 

Saddened by the Angels’ behavior and maliciousness, the Creator turned from them causing darkness to fall across the once vibrant and lively universes. Michael, appointed by the others, stepped forward to console their Creator and promised that they would share Eden with Man as long as Man was cognize of Man’s role in all worlds: serfdom and worship. 

The Creator, not wanting to hurt the feelings of the Angels, and already mourning the loss of countless creations due to the darkness that swept across the universe from the Creator’s darkening heart and mood brought on by the Angels, agreed to Michael’s suggestion. Man obliged without delay and Adam was placed in Eden. However, the Angels wouldn’t embrace him and hid from his perceptions. In keeping with Michael’s promise with the Creator, the Angels didn’t cause Adam grief and watched him as he moved around the garden with purpose and as if Eden were made specifically for him. And as they watched, seeds of jealousy started to grow in the hearts of the Angels. 

When Michael couldn’t console the Angels, Lucifer, the Morning Star, stepped forward and whispered words into the ear of Adam. The Creator was disappointed but could find no fault in Lucifer’s actions so Eve was created in order to fill the void in Adam from the seed that Lucifer had planted within him, but it was too late. 

Bickering turned into stone throwing which turned into fighting and eventually war. The expansiveness of the universe, and all worlds within, became their battlefield and no creature was safe from the angelic morbidity. The rift between the Creator’s first children became so severe that the sand dividing them turned into rivers of blood, and the stars started to fade as each life was extinguished planet by planet. 

Finally the Creator had enough, and forced the Angels and Fallen back together and locked them away in Eden, a world that was only meant for them, and it became a prison that they would never be freed from until they learned what it meant to be one again. 

Sadly, after countless millennia the fighting had continued, and the line separating the Fallen and Angels was clearly divided by darkness and light. 

And that is where the story begins, however the ones who will write the ending were never seen coming by anyone, not even the Creator...

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1 januari
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