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The Universe is at peace, finally, at long last! Culminating in the magnificent and harrowing final defeat of Chaos, John L. Steelhard and his squad of Black Tigers have proclaimed the ultimate victory in the long war to balance the forces of the Light and the Dark. Through all of this, Steelhard has married and fathered twins, both of whom have inherited the Ki gene. They will grow up to generate a new race of beings, a new race who will bring forth a great new hope.
Little does Steelhard, along with the upper Dimensions, realize that a greater force of evil is being released by the Supreme Dark Master. This new menace is one so subtle that it will strike a vast dread and fright into even all of the Dark Forces. A powerful entity that is trillions of years old is now released from its prison in the Nether. It’s dastardly and despicable mission is to destroy Steelhard and his Black Tigers, and then to conquer not only the First Dimension, but all of the Upper Dimensions as well. This will ignite a contest that will draw Steelhard and his alter egos into what will become the great Battle for the Dimensions. This is a conflict that will require Steelhard to ascend, at the risk of his life, family and all existence, into fighting a battle to the death in the realm of the metaphysical. His sworn mission – to protect the foundations of all life, and the Light.

Fictie en literatuur
11 april
James B. Riverton

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