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Six months have passed since the onset of the Krenaran war, the E.D.F and their Solarian allies have managed to push back their brutal Krenaran assailants, although at a terrible cost. Many once proud colonies, stations and facilities now lie in ruins due to the ferocity of the fighting, and millions of lives have been lost.

Michael Alexander; now a captain, and in full command of the Liberty, has been left a haunted man by the loss of his wife and son, he must now put the past behind him as he embarks on the greatest and most devastating battle of the war so far. The destruction of the Krenaran forces beseiging Echo base, the primary facility of the E.D.F engineering services, and strategically vital to the war effort.

If the base falls, the entire war could be shifted back into the Krenaran's favour, the E.D.F, even humanity itself could be lost forever. If they are successful the war could be ended right there in this high stakes, all or nothing battle, with the future of humanity hanging in the balance.

All is not what it seems however, as another equally deadly threat looms, a rogue Krenaran agent, who can take on the appearance of anyone he touches is on a single minded mission to eliminate the president of E.O.C.A, the governing body of Earth and the outer colonies and only Michael and Nikolai have a chance of stopping him.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
November 26
Ian. J. Smethurst

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