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In Earth Rising Eloise Bright, well-known physicist, again encounters the strange alien known as Mur Ray, who she met in Hoo Doo Canyon and who has decided he wants her for his mate. He is on Earth to assemble the team of aliens from the Deovolante Galaxy who are helping with the Rising, which will move Earth to a higher plane of existence. Eloise is pulled into the Rising and is exposed to technology she never dreamed of and to the mysterious allure of Mur Ray. She meets the Rising team at their base on a ranch in Oregon. Along with two of her colleagues she tries to make the Rising work. But they encounter resistance from Earth herself who erupts into volcanoes and earthquakes in protest. In addition, the Earth's plant and animal life refuse to cooperate with the Rising because they don't want humans to remain as rulers afterward. It looks like the Rising is doomed, and Eloise distances herself from Mur Ray and the rest of the Deovolante team. But a slight problem surfaces, and Eloise once again has to face Mur Ray. They both have to face the conflict among human beings that threatens the Earth.  In the end, it is up to Eloise to make the decision that will affect the rest of her life and the future well being of her colleagues and planet. 

Book 4 Deovolante Space Opera  

450 pages

Sciencefiction en fantasy
October 22
Marjorie Thelen

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