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Jack Finnegan only has to worry about dealing with school bullies, suffering through detention with his homeroom teacher, and getting noticed by the girl of his dreams... at least until an army of evil aliens invade Earth.  Suddenly, this teenage slacker finds himself at the center of a galaxy-spanning conflict - where the lives of everyone on the planet are in jeopardy, soldiers use Quantum Physics to become superheroes, and the enemy uses some mysterious form of magic to make themselves practically unstoppable.

The secret to ending the conflict and saving the universe may lie in a powerful ancient spaceship, which it seems can only be flown by Earthmen. Now, Jack and a rag-tag group of allies must overcome impossible odds, defeat an unkillable enemy, rescue the princess of the galaxy, and save the universe from a threat more terrifying than any it has ever faced.

Can this underachiever rise to the occasion and become the hero Earth needs?  The fate of all life in the galaxy may rest in his hands.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
November 15
Twelve Oaks Media


Evelyn-Atrusha ,

Earthman Jack vs the Ghost Planet

Best read in ages. While reading this book, it was as if I was watching a movie. The writer has such a great way of telling a story, it's as if you are there yourself. There is a lot of humor in the story, which makes it a joy to read .I am not a big fan of reading Sci-fi (wathcing on TV yes, reading, not so much), but even though this is a Sci-fi story, I truly recommend it.
I could tell you a lot of things about the story, but I suggest you get the book and read it yourself. You wont be disappointed.