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Making commercials has been a proven method of advertising for many years. Now with the popularity of video marketing, producing your own commercials is more viable than ever before especially for the small business owner today. The main reason for this is that creating a video is affordable and can be done by a one or two person team. This alone helps to reduce costs even further. Benefits: The biggest benefit for the small business owner would have to be the one of saving money. Investing in a camcorder and microphone would well outweigh the cost of hiring a video production team each time.

The business owner now has a practical way of showcasing his company both in his local community and online. For a potential customer the benefits include having an in- depth look at the business and what they have to offer. This can be done before making a trek to the physical store. Ways to Use Video: 1. Create a promotional video showcasing a specific product. 2. Make a video of your sales team and staff. Make sure that the video connects with the viewer. 3. Have a video which is essentially a tour of your business, if you produce a product then show the creation process. 4. Highlight benefits of your particular product and why a customer should use you. 5. Tape customers providing you with testimonials on your product/business. 6. Showcase a success story of one of your customers. This could be learning how to install or repair something at home. Or just developing a new skill or overcoming an issue.

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