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Emotional Intelligence 
Great Tips and Suggestions on How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Take Control of Your Life

Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions is a book that examines the history and impact of Emotional Intelligence on our daily lives.  Whether it be at home, at work, or as a leadership tool, there are ways to fine tune your Emotional Intelligence to become healthier and to take back control of your emotional life. Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions will explain to you the range of emotions and their relative impact on mental and physical health.  The world around us is often chaotic, out of control, and the measure of a human being is whether or not they can show the right emotions at the right time. There is, of course, no discernible rhyme or reason to the standards therein, but rather they are fluid, constantly changing. Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions will walk you through the process of using the correct emotions at the right time and keeping them within the proper boundaries that will improve the quality of your life, rather than confuse and bog down your life.  Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions is not a “new age” book wherein the primary exercise is to stare at a blade of grass and become one with it.  

This book provides:
-Real time tools to help you take control of literally every aspect of your life through increasing your Emotional Intelligence.
-What Is Emotional Intelligence?
-EQ Professional Application
-EQ Personal Application

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