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Are you struggling to succeed at work? Do you wish you were better at getting what you want?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then look no further - this book is for you.
You can achieve your goals and get what you want out of life by developing a part of you that is normally taken for granted. Your emotional intelligence is the key to your future success and happiness. Studies have been showing for the last decade that emotional intelligence may be the single most important factor in predicting future achievement. Unlike IQ, your EQ is something you have the power to change. You can improve your emotional intelligence, and the way to do it lies within these pages.
5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Improve your Life
1. Increase happiness in relationships
2. Improve discipline and willpower
3. Help manage your anger
4. Lead to success at work or school
5. Become more assertive and confident.
Emotional intelligence can do all this and more. Within these pages you will learn more than just what building your EQ can do for you. You will also learn how to build your emotional intelligence.
As you build your emotional intelligence using this book as a guide you will also be learning:
• How to identify your own emotions
• How to control your emotions
• How to identify the emotions of others
• How to improve your relationships with others
• How to use your emotions to your advantage
Own your copy now of “Emotional Intelligence: Build Self-Awareness to Achieve Breakthrough Success” to learn the secrets of developing your emotional intelligence skill set.
Your IQ is not your destiny. So many of the problems we face in life are wrongly attributed to circumstances, other people, our own intelligence when most of them can be helped by improving our emotional intelligence. The best part is, it's simpler than you think to develop this often neglected part of your mind.
Find out today how easily you can begin improving your life using this book as your guide to emotional intelligence. Click on the "Buy" button now.

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27 september
E.C. Publishing

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