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Fresh out of Bible College, Father Jacobs is more than eager to take on the Lord's enemies and save the poor souls of the possessed! But when faced with demons of the like of Dickablo, Mehfisto and the dreaded Beezelblowjub, Father Jacobs has no choice but to sate the demon's lust or watch as the souls of his unwitting clients slip from his holy grasp!This anthology includes:Exorgasm (MMM Paranormal Demon Possession Erotica)Father Jacobs just graduated from Bible College as a professional Exorcist and simply can't wait for his first assignment. But when he finally steps into the room of the possessed Joe, he's awestruck by how devilishly handsome Joe is. Worse still, the demon only promises to leave if Father Jacobs does it with Joe! Will Father Jacobs exorcise the demon or will he succumb and do as the devil says?[WARNING: This 4000 erotic paranormal experience contains graphic scenes described with explicit language, threesome action, gay sex, anal sex, paranormal sex, bondage, sex with the possessed and more! Adults only.]Exorgasm 2 (M/m/T Demon Menage Exorcism Erotica)It's Father Jacob's second assignment and he's half hoping of a repeat of his first exorcism. Entering the old castle of a rich aristocrat's daughter, he soon discovers that being possessed isn't her biggest secret at all. Worst still, in mid ceremony she summons her butler to join them in the kinkiest threesome he's ever known! Will good prevail or will the demon within lead Father Jacobs to sin?[WARNING: This 4600 word paranormal experience contains explicit scenes described in graphic language, menage, anal sex, sex with a demon, transsexual sex, gay sex, sex with a priest and much more! Adults only.]Exorgasm 3 (Paranormal Exorcism Transsexual Erotica)While on his way to his next client, Father Jacobs chances upon a woman about to jump off a building. Bursting onto the rooftop, he realizes that God has led him to possessed soul. She needs his help to banish the demon from her body. But the demon in her will only leave if Father Jacobs surrenders his ass to her shocking phallic-shaped secret...[WARNING: This 4500 word paranormal experience contains explicit scenes described in graphic language, anal sex, sex with a transsexual, a b*****b, battle with demons, demonic transfer via bodily fluids, banishment rituals and much more! Adults only.]Exorgasm 4 (Gay Paranormal Possession Priest Erotica)Struggling with the demon Beezelblowjub's possession over his body, Father Jacob's shut away in dark corner of his own mind. There, he's forced to watch as the demon wreaks havoc with his body. The day is saved when fellow exorcist Father Joshua comes to save the day... with his cock! He exorcises Father Jacobs the only way he knows how and in the process enjoys some hardcore gay action![WARNING: This 3800 word paranormal experience contains gay sex, priest-on-priest action, fleshlight usage, mutual masturbation, anal sex, sex in the church, paranormal sex, demon banishment via orgasm and much more! Adults only.]

Fictie en literatuur
31 augustus
Annabel Bastione

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