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Down to One. For Now.

Safe Haven has had two main enemies since the nuclear war that devastated all societies—remaining governments and the force of nature. Now down to just one of those, thanks to a hard ground truce that Marc secured for the island, the Eagles are about to face their longest-running enemy and the biggest threat to their survival.

Two Weeks Left

The enemy is arriving in only two weeks and they're coming with everything they have left, seeking to wipe out the only force on the planet that they haven't been able to defeat. Thirteen ships with over a thousand men are converging on Safe Haven from all corners of the globe. The loser of this confrontation will scatter to the four winds and slowly fade back into dust. The same may happen to the winners if they lose too many people. In the end, it will come down to the survivors. Will they blink?

Facing Destiny

Life After War Book Sixteen

Release Date: 7/30/2021

Length: 600+ pages

Sciencefiction en fantasy
July 30
Angela White

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