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What do you do when your mother is dying from a mysterious illness? If you're Cinderella's daughter, you travel hundreds of years into the future to save her.

A brand new series loosely tied to the Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries series, Faith is an imaginative romp filled with excitement, twists and surprises that will take you on a wild ride from Earth all the way through the Jovian Gate to the distant star 55 Cancri.

Phoebe, Cinderella's daughter and a powerful witch like her mother, searches for a cure for her mother's mysterious illness. A rare Chronicler able to travel through time, Phoebe left the 19th century only to become trapped far in the future. A future in which humankind has not only traveled to distant stars by discovering the Jovian Gate, but created the powerful grid that interconnects every part of people's lives. Desperately trying to find a way to save her mother and return home, she has become embroiled in a conflict between the peaceful Cancrian race and the warrior-like Lan'khamires. Out of her element and time, Phoebe stumbles upon an interstellar conspiracy that threatens not only her life and those around her, but of the entire human race.

Will she be able to outwit those who chase after her and return back home to save her mother? The clock is ticking, but in more ways than she knows...

Faith is the first book in The Jovian Gate Chronicles series.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
January 4
Ron Vitale

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