Beschrijving uitgever

This is a very short story about people in the not so distant future who have not changed their ways fast enough and time has run out for almost everyone who has not followed the way of the Hegemon. However, there is one last place on Earth that still attempts to follow the guidance of their creator: the legendary Kingdom of Xu, descendants of the now not so underground Combined Chinese Christian Church now concentrated in the most vertically integrated and built civilization ever built on top of the summit of Mt. Kenya in Africa. Hegemonic forces have just brought down the nearby Abyssinian Empire and their dear city of Newer Jerusalem is directly in the cross hairs of the invading overwhelming trans-human army that have already surpassed the technological singularity. How will the few remaining Holy Warriors left respond to their dire situation? Will they be able to save what is left of their 6000 years of basic human civilization? Is anything still possible with God supposedly on their side? Or has God doomed everyone left on Earth to a most horrible tribulation?

Upon being given notification from the secretive Chongqing Control, Flamma the Abbot in their suborbital monastery seems to think that Xiàhóu Xù is perfect for this last and most important mission to be undertaken by a single Holy Warrior - enable the greatest evacuation since the British saved most of their forces in Europe by evacuating Dunkirk. Once fully aware of his surroundings, Xiàhóu Xù, the highest trained basic human of all time, relies on all of his extensive training to go into a sort of auto-pilot that enables him to concentrate on the most important unfinished details from his life while descending from his heavenly perch - all necessary in order to be in the right frame of mind to best accomplish the goals of his final mission once he nears the landing zone that is within a Middle Eastern city on the Silk Line Hyperloop.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
May 27
Paul Holloway