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The FIFA 16 Trading Secrets Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to trade with detailed diagrams and tutorials. This guide will also provide you with an insight on how trading works, and how supply and demand rules apply directly to the market in Ultimate Team. I will show you how I made well over 9 million coins and built a team full of stars such as SIF Ronaldo, Messi, Bale and TOTY Iniesta.

Trading Guide:

# Specialized tools to monitor price & player trends
# Every single trading method used from FIFA 11 to FIFA 16 carefully illustrated & explained in-depth
# Step-by-step novice, intermediate and advanced trading techniques
# Trading methods carefully sorted depending on how many coins you have to trade with
# Trading spreadsheet that helps you become organized and keeps track of your profits (Microsoft Excel required)
# EA Tax Calculator (Microsoft Excel required)
# Secret methods to find hidden gems to trade with and make huge profits
# There will be embedded video tutorials in future updates


How much will I make per day?

It all depends on your trading knowledge but if you follow the steps on this guide carefully that should be a good starting point to learn and test your skills on the market! But it can range from anywhere from 10-100k for an inexperienced trader and 200k to 1 million Coins after you become more experienced, and that potentially totals up to 3 to 30 million Coins in a month!!

Do I need a eReader device to read this eBook?

No. Anybody with a smartphone, tablet or computer can read eBooks by downloading the appropriate app from your devices App Store.

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23 april
Darren Gidado

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