File Based Audio

aka Streaming Audio

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The guide on audio reproduction based on the use of computer storage. What systems are available? Do you use an audio brand player or a dedicated PC. And how to connect the d/a-converter, via TCA or USB? Do you need to be a computer wiz? How do you set up a home network. What's the influence of cables and why? How to go about metadata? File Based Audio gives answers to all these questions and more. And if your question is not answered, ask the author on a special Facebook page.

Computers en internet
1 september
Hans Beekhuyzen


Jochbrek ,

Zeer fijn naslagwerk

In de wereld van bits 'n bytes en audio streamen is dit boek "a must have".

In begrijpelijke taal leer je alle ins en outs over het streamen. Geschiedenis, wat is wat, apparatuur, kabels, muziekformaten, tips....noem maar op.

Alles wat je wil weten over audio streamen komt in dit boek aan bod.

Enne...voor het geld hoef je dit boek niet te laten liggen.

Douwe Sybrand ,

File based audio

This summer i bought a music server. This book helped me solve some problems getting the server work properly. The book gave me the answers i could not find on the internet.

Linkeglipper ,

Convenient, handy, perfect.

As a young professional musician/composer i'm asked to be technicaly skilled. Which i pretty much am, instrument and home-studio wise. I can build up a drum kit. But when it comes to setting up my audio system at home, just for sitting in my living room and listening to music, i'm a mess. What do i need? An amplifier? Off course. Speakers, cables? check. Now what. How will i listen to the stevie wonder album on my ipad through my home speakers?? What about the quality of mp3's? How do i arrange all my imported cd's in my computer so that i can scroll through it easily and find what i wanna hear. Or better, get my girlfriend to do it... Well, this book told me. Definately. Writing this, Hans Beekhuyzen asked me to page through the first version and tell him what my thoughts were. I didn't page it through, I read it. Because it told me things I'd been wanting to know for a long while. D/A converters, streaming, creating a media network, i know all about it know. And if I forget, I take a look in the book again.

It's easy to read and very handy to have. Seriously.

Bart Rijnink.

Bart rijnink.

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