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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

When Three Become One

When Autumn is presented with the modeling deal of a lifetime, she quits her job on the spot. But she found more than a luscious career—she found love…

My Lucky Star

What does a little alcohol and a lot of sexual tension get you? Well, in Heather and Gina's case, one night of rugged passion.

I have been told all my life that I defy all the red-haired stereotypes, I am cool, I am calm, and I am collected, that is the only reason I survive after taking the most stressful job as the personal assistant to one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

I expected her to act like a princess—her reputation preceded her—I however didn't expect to find myself in her bed one drunken night, and I definitely didn't expect to have my world rocked.

I am used to getting my way, that is how it has always been since my mom took me to a talent show and I showed the world what I was made of, everybody gets me what I want because of what they can get from me, and it gets tiring.

In walks Gina, more than ten years younger than me but way more mature, and she doesn't cower to my will like the others, but instead treats me like any ordinary person.

I like it, I like her, no surprise then that we end up in bed together

I Do For You

When Lisa Wilkinson attends her younger sister's wedding, she knows it isn't going to be an easy one. What she doesn't expect is for everyone to make her feel terrible about herself.

So it's great for her to find some unexpected solace in a new friend. Amy Jones.

With Amy's long red hair and her sparkling green eyes, plus her kick ass personality, she manages to pull Lisa out of her shell…

But maybe a little too far.

A steamy night that seems to come from nowhere leaves both women confused, neither of them know what to do. But can they ignore the powerful chemistry that circles them? One that neither of them has ever felt before.

The wedding ends leaving them both changed forever, but is it for the best?

Princess for Them

As an investigating officer, Jordan takes her job seriously. She does everything by the book: she investigates the crime scene, collects necessary evidence, and reports back to her captain with extensive explanations of every single event that happened during the case.

This particular scene was a bit puzzling for her. It was called in as a robbery, but she later discovered that foul play was at hand. A stalker was harassing two successful billionaire women, Cora and Sierra, who fall under the watchful eye of Jordan.

When Jordan finally solves the case, Cora insists that they take her to dinner as a treat. But when Jordan becomes inexplicably attracted to both women, she finds herself in a heart-wrenching dilemma that she's never before faced: keep her beautiful triad relationship or keep her job.

Romantische fictie
September 23
Kelsey Blaine

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