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The Beatitudes are Jesus cutting to the quick, laying it all out there in its fullness with no pretext or pretense for us to hear, embrace, experience, and follow. They are not just godly parameters by which to pattern your life. They are his heart, his character, and his personality. It is through these relational characteristics, and the principles they develop, that he is inviting us to live our lives.

First Things First is a compelling and transformational writing that clearly and comprehensively reveals the Beatitudes as a roadmap for navigating the challenging times in which we live. They are essential and critical biblical teachings and applications for all of life. Brought into today with contemporary examples, they will change your life. What these Beatitudes bring to the table are revolutionary to the twenty-first century. They offer a means of living life that is totally contrary to the collective understanding and the common knowledge of the day. And, if embraced and followed, the Beatitudes bring not only a new perspective but a new manner of living.

This is not some new self-help concept, some seven-step model to a new and improved you. To the contrary, this is life as designed and intended by the Creator. First Things First will unlock the strategies hidden within the Beatitudes, strategies needed to build a life with right standing and healthy relationships. A life with true value, purpose, and meaning—directly from the heart of Jesus to you.

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16 juli
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