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*The Fleet are moving in to the Sigma Sector and people are beginning to disappear.*

When Sistia Scarpora is seven, her mother is driven to her death by a mindwalker. When she is fifteen, her father sells himself to the Fleet on a five year contract. Fifteen years later, he still hasn’t come back. Sistia starts to dig to find the truth about the Fleet. Warned off by Sigma agents, stonewalled by Federal agents, she finally approaches a Recovery agent – Igen Dyce. With a success rate of zero, Sistia is reluctant to commit to Recovery. The price she will have to pay is too high. To find her father, she has to infiltrate a secret Fleet world. She will have to sell herself to the Fleet.

In Greater Control, Fleet personnel 270 makes a selection that has a chance of increasing her credit rating to 1 in a single lifetime. To attain absolute zero means freedom. The new body she assumes is beautiful. Her new name is Sistia Scarpora. Life in Wet City should be wonderful – but there is a flaw and it could cost her everything.

Lost to the Fleet, Sistia has to perform an act of desperate heroism to save the Sigma Sector. There is only one man who can help her and he’s a mindwalker: Vincent Gomenzi, a man who should be dead.

The second novel in the Fleet Quintet, FLESH FOR SALE is set 400 years after TRANSFERENCE.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
13 maart
Susannah J. Bell

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