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Nagali Freeborn is as intelligent as she is ruthless. Add in her fearlessness, and she's a recipe for trouble.

Her brother Omar doesn't expect too much out of life. A warm bed and not getting knifed is usually plenty.

When Nagali's business deal goes sideways, they'll have to work together to save both their skins.

All in all, the Freeborn siblings are a darn good team, even when he wants to launch her out an airlock. 

If anyone can pull off a good con, it's them. 

Fool's Gold is a short story in the Mercenary Warfare series, a spinoff series of Dragonfire Station. New readers can meet these lovably criminal characters and get a peek at the Planetary Alliance Cooperative for the first time, while existing readers can enjoy a little side adventure.

Because trading is all about a good adventure.

Books in the Dragonfire Station universe in written order:

(Each series stands alone and need not be read in written order.)

Dragonfire Station Book 1: Translucid

Dragonfire Station Book 2: Fragments

Dragonfire Station Book 3: Coalescence

(series complete)

Intersections: Dragonfire Station Short Stories

Mercenary Warfare Book 1: Selling Out

Mercenary Warfare Book 2: Blood Money

Mercenary Warfare Book 3: Hell to Pay

Mercenary Warfare Book 4: Calculated Risk

Mercenary Warfare Book 5: Going for Broke

(series complete)

Chains of Command Book 1: New Blood

Chains of Command Book 2: Blood and Bone

Chains of Command Book 3: Cut to the Bone

Chains of Command Book 4: Out for Blood

(series complete)

Sciencefiction en fantasy
6 juli
Parallel Worlds Press

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