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"Star Trek meets Cheech & Chong!" – #1 INTERGALACTIC BESTSELLING author Tom Sadira invites you on another trip to the farthest reaches of outer space in this hilarious sci-fi adventure saga.

Lifetime stoner, longtime carnivore, and novice spaceship captain Charlie Hong craves meat–one of the few things the Starseed won’t provide. After striking a secret deal with a seductive and mysterious member of his crew, Charlie hires a professional hunting guide and sets course to a dangerous planet in search of one of the galaxy’s most delicious, and elusive, prey: a chocolate moose.

When the hunting trip turns sour, Charlie and his crew must find a way to survive on a planet where everything—especially stoners with no survival skills—become prey.


“★★★★★ Since being published in our sector, the FAR OUT CHRONICLES series has become our planet’s currency, our only imported or exported resource, the founding document of our government, the origins of our religion, and our species’ primary source of nutrients. Oh yeah, makes for pretty good toilet paper, too.” — Crytix Fru-Fru, Supreme Leader of Annekc M’ecneret

“★★★★★ After our planet was destroyed, the hilarious sci-fi series FAR OUT CHRONICLES inspired us to regroup and strike back. Now, we’ve claimed our aggressor’s planet as our own, and have scattered what was left of the Essari scum to the darkest corners of the galaxy. Thanks Tom Sadira!” — Garbok Svenzi, survivor of the Essari Rebellion & First President of New G’warkonia

“★★★★★ If the Galactic Federation hadn’t mandated that the FAR OUT CHRONICLES be stocked in every emergency escape pod in the galaxy, I wouldn’t be alive to write this review. Without the charming characters and the fast-paced adventures, I would’ve succumbed to the hopelessness of outer space weeks ago. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but… I actually dodged rescue ships a few times just so I could keep on reading without being interrupted!” — Hin’swa Doh, ex-Captain of the J.J.Binks, floating somewhere beyond the Gevaar system

Readers have compared Tom Sadira’s Far Out Chronicles series to Douglas Adams ' Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Terry Pratchett ‘s Ringworld series, Grant Naylor's Red Dwarf series, Barry J. Hutchison's Space Team series, as well as books by Ernest Cline, David Wong, Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, and Rob Dircks.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
20 april
HIFI Press

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