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Alison Armitage has more responsibility than God. At least, that's what it feels like some days as she manages her multi-billion-dollar business. She'd give just about anything to NOT be in charge. Just for a little while. Just behind the closed doors of her incredibly expensive and incredibly lonely apartment

​One night after one too many cocktails, she stumbles upon a chat room for people like her—dominant in their everyday lives, looking to be dominated. Just a little bit. Titillated, she explores further and soon finds herself with a very exclusive invitation to participate in a very unique 'experiential' resort. A place where people can come to live out their fantasies in an immersive environment, for a short term period. Where all guests have been carefully vetted and all "play" is consensual—and closely monitored for safety.

Too late, Alison discovers that the sexy world of her fantasies is a long way from the reality she now faces. And the only thing keeping her on the right side of safety and sanity is the dark and brooding man she's been made to call "Master." 

The problem is, she's not so sure which side is the "right" side anymore.

Romantische fictie
17 november
Harmony House Productions, LLC


Cecile smits ,

Careful what you wish for.....

Having read my friend Louise’s review,i got intrigued and asked the author for a copy.
And she was kind enough to not only give me this one,but the next one as an ARC as well!
To make sure i got the whole story.
All she asked in return,was an honest review.
And you know me,i can do that!

This is the story of Alison,who is in charge of a large business.
And in spite of seeing a lot of people because of it,is a very lonely woman.
The dates she’s had,were all disappointing.
Men seem to be intimidated by her status.
What she would give to let go of everything,just for once.
To have someone else take care of her.
Let all of her worries go,and just....be.

That’s the only reason she filled in that stupid form after overhearing two women talking about a secret society.
That,and the fact she had too much to drink......right?
She regrets doing it,and when she gets invited,immediately declines.
If only it ended there.....

After a few more disappointing dates,she decides to give it one more try and then call it quits.
But that date is.....different.
Not in the least because this man takes charge from the start.
She manages to decline his offer for drinks in his hotelroom and goes home feeling unsettled.
A run sounds like a good idea to clear her head,but that is the worst thing she could’ve done.
Because she gets abducted,and when she wakes up,she sees the same man looking down at her.
Telling her that her old life is over.
That he’ll be training her for her....Master? WTF?

This first book is told purely from Alison’s pov.
How lonely she feels,longing for a shoulder to lean on.
How peeved she is when finding out her dinnerdate is a controlling man.
How confused she is to find out how well he seems to know what she likes.
How angry at finding out she’s been taken and SOLD!
How afraid of what kind of Master she is being sold to.

You’d expect her to kick and scream.
Try to fight for an escape.
But she isn’t the head of a large business for nothing.
Especially her business.....
She knows to bide her time,and find out as much as she can,before trying anything.
The pleasure they give her isn’t giving her any reason to hurry,either.
But the punishment she has to witness drives the reality of the situation home,she NEEDS to get away!

Her inner monologue shows the stages she’s going through.
The confusion,the anger,the fear,the guilt for enjoying some of it.
She seems to forget about her business a little too easy,but maybe that’s because leading it wasn’t what she really enjoyed doing.
Even though she was very good at it.
Giving up control is also something she seems to quick to do,but remember,she ís a smart woman.
And it gets her to feel pleasure instead of pain....

What happens when she meets her Master,when it becomes painfully clear this is her future,that is the question.
He ís a reasonable man,but he ís her Master and he is the one in control of every little thing that concerns her.
Can she give everything up that easily?
Knowing he’s planned this a long time ago?

A feeling of betrayel would be understandable,with the knowledge he has of every little detail of her previous life.
But she doesn’t seem to realise the depth of that yet....
And where will her life go from here?
I need to find out!
And,lucky me,i can....lol

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