Forcing My Husband To Watch Cuckold Bundle

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This cuckold cheating bundle is full of mean wives who want to see their husband's expressions as they get impregnated by a real man! 

Making My Husband Watch 

At a house party Cindy and Scott have a few too many drinks, and find themselves doing things they never thought they would. Scott has always had a fantasy of Cindy cuckolding him, but it’s been a long time since he’s even acknowledged those feelings since he doesn’t think she would go along with it. However when they start playing the drinking game Never Have I Ever and the question gets asked “Have you ever been with a black man?” Cindy shocks Scott with her blunt answer, saying she's always longed to have sex with a black man. Jamal loudly asks her if she wants too, and Scott is just drunk enough to suggest that Cindy give it a shot. Scott never thinks she’ll do it but to his shock she gets down on her knees right then and there to allow herself to be used and stretched out by Jamal in every way possible in front of the entire party. 

In The Cruel Hands Of Lord Coleridge 

She shivered as he ran a finger down her side, her body tensed in anticipation... A gambling husband is the downfall of Lady Jane Blair, but she’s not prepared to simply accept it when he goes further than ever before and actually loses their home to a rival in a game of cards. She visits Lord Coleridge to beg for a way to change things, but what he would want to allow them to keep the house is almost too high a cost to bear. A night with her to cancel the debt wasn’t what she expected... but if her husband was going to force her to negotiate with Lord Coleridge, then why should she feel bad for enjoying it, especially if she can teach her husband a lesson at the same time? 

Paying My Husband's Debt 

When Sarah, a loving and loyal housewife, opens the door to find a group of men in suits forcing themselves into her house she's shocked. Her shock turns to horror as they explain they're looking for her husband Anthony, who owes them $100,000. When her husband finally opens the door, she has an idea - she offers herself to them in return for forgiving the debt. They decline so she has to beg them repeatedly, and finally, laughing and enjoying themselves, they take turns using her without protection while her husband watches in the ultimate cuckold. This husband humiliation erotica contains themes of cuckolding.

Fictie en literatuur
9 september
25 Eagles LLC

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