from F*ck You Money to FIRE

enabling you to have enough money to do what you think is important in your life or not always or never again have to work

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How to create and grow Fuck You Money. For your bucketlist trip around the world, a sabbatical, a down payment to secure the loan for your first home, your child’s college fund, a mini retirement and FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early).

You are in full control, it’s you who determines the direction and it’s you who makes the choices.

An inspiring book, a practical approach and a useful guide how to create Fuck You Money through smarter choices and small adjustments in your lifestyle.

Because when you have set aside enough money you are able to say 'Fuck You' to anyone who limits you in making your own choices. So that you don't have to work all the time or never again, you can do what you really want and have the money for it when you want it.

Start your journey from Fuck You Money to FIRE. Now.

In this book the author teaches you to look at behavior, your own money behavior, how you deal with money, why it's hard to change your money behavior. Discover how you can design a 'Smarter, Better, Cheaper' lifestyle, how you can make money, how you don't have to spend it all and how you can make your money grow by investing simply, smartly and cheaply.

This book is not about IRA, ISA or 401K. It is about YOU. It is about how you can start not spending all your money.

This book is not about reducing portfolio costs with an extra 0.1%. It is about changing behavior and choosing the best lifestyle for you to reduce your spending to a level that allows you to save and invest.

This book is not about needing millions of dollars or euros to pay for a luxurious materialistic retired lifestyle. This book is about defining what you think is important in life and how much money you really need to achieve your goals.

This book is not about reaching FIRE in your thirties after making 6 figure income and working yourself half dead for a few years. It is about understanding why you might want to work less or not at all and finding out when and how you can achieve this.

This book is not about scaring you with financial terms, percentages and technically difficult things you need to do. It is about how you can easily start investing and set up your portfolio of low-cost diversified index tracking funds. It is about making small and fun steps so you can start now.

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23 november
Merijn Heijnen

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