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Aspen and Lori Wolfe are on a mission with Keagan Myrack to save the slaves in England and portal them back to their dimension in this Steampunk sensation: Gear Heart.

Forty years ago the plague wiped out England's working class. Using a time portal, bi-dimensional creatures are imported from another dimension to be used as labor for 19th century enterprises. Now in 1886, Aspen and Lori Wolfe are determined to end the slave trade. But their schemes are soon exposed to their new guardian, and playboy, Keagan Myrack. Can Aspen and Lori trust Keagan? Will Aspen be blinded by her growing feelings for him? Can they survive powerful enemies and the deadly dimie slave correctional robots before time runs out?

Aspen and Lori Wolfe, along with their new Guardian Keagan Myrack put it upon themselves to free the slaves by sending them home despite society's views or the threat of the death penalty for such actions. But as the rumors of why they were kicked out of their family's homes and past follow them throughout society, the trio has to dodge scrutiny by day and razor handed slave correctional robots on the streets at night. Will they be able to carry out what they believe is right, or will the secrets of this town prove to be deadlier than their own!

Gear Heart is the first book in a retro, futuristic, espionage trilogy where heroes are chased by portal-projecting enemies, thwarted by secret passages, swayed by romance, and stunned by chilling discoveries. It is a Batman meets industrial revolution thriller that readers will never forget.

Young adult
November 11