How to Create TAX FREE Wealth paying for Cars, Mortgages and Bills. Your Funds are never at Risk of Loss.

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This 78 page book teaches the reader a proven system used by the very wealthy to create wealth while paying bills. You too can take advantage of this system. The way the wealthy pay their bills works for them instead of against them. 

Just by changing HOW and WHO you pay you can create immense wealth. Your principal and previous years returns are never at risk of loss in this bill paying system.

Since you have to pay bills anyway, why not earn a profit doing it?  

Chapter 1: (7 pages) - Overview of the simple math. 

Chapter 2: (9 pages) - How to not Spend Down assets and yet still qualify for Medi-Cal. California Medi-Cal Advocates have helped Californians do this for decades. 

Chapter 3: (5 pages) - US government GAO report and videos of former GAO head making the case of why federal taxes have to significantly increase 56% in the next few years. Capital gains taxes have all ready increased over 60% for the wealthy  at  the federal level. Turns out the federal debt is 400% higher than what is admitted to in public. For every 1% increase in interest rates the US govt has to spend $160 BILLION in interest payments that 1 year alone. So a 10% increase in interest rates means that the US government has to pay an extra $1,600 Billion that year alone an extra interest payments to service the debt. Is there a discretionary $1,600 Billion sitting around to pay that? The way to opt out of this is to have a tax free income and the book shows how. 

Chapter 4: (16 pages) - Overview of the Compound vs Simple math of a bill paying system which creates tax free wealth. Your funds and previous years returns are NEVER at risk of loss. You remain 100% in control of your funds. spread offered by centuries old US financial companies with tens of billions in assets an great credit ratings.

Chapter 5: (7 pages) - Just by CHANGING HOW you pay for a car and NOT WHAT you pay, you can retire with millions of dollars using math of chapter 4. 

Chapter 6: (10 pages) - By CHANGING HOW you pay for a mortgage- NOT WHAT you pay, you can retire with millions of dollars using math of chapter 4. 

Chapter 7: (9 pages) - Goes into greater detail of the math in Chapter 4. It  explains why this bill paying system creates wealth. The compound vs simple interest spread is explained in greater detail and so too are the related 2 accounts.

Chapter 8:  (2 pages) - How to fund college smarter than using a 529 Plan while also increasing your flexibility.  

Chapter 9: (5 pages) - 1035 Exchange a life insurance policy for a modern policy  and pay nothing. New policies offer new benefits if you become sick and Chapter 10 benefits. 

Chapter 10: (7 pages) Limitations of qualified plans such as 401k, IRA, 403b etc and a private sector alternative that averages 300% greater income and far greater flexibility and freedom. 

Chapter 11: Author’s other two eBooks.

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