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A couple of weeks before my thirtieth birthday, I’d never even thought of being with a man. When my friend Jessica told me about a list of things that everybody should do before they reach that age—and the one thing that I hadn’t done was have a same-sex encounter—I had a hard time thinking of anything else. I put an ad in the paper saying I was “bi-curious” and wanted to experiment. This is my story. I have to admit, now that it’s over, it was quite an adventure!

This 6600 word work of erotic fiction features scenes of first-time MM sex, including: kissing, oral sex, and bareback anal sex, as well as a MMF threesome in which the female partner watches the two men. It is intended for mature audiences only.


So, you know how my first encounter—under the bridge—started with a really passionate kiss? Well, this time, things didn’t start that way. As I sat down on the edge of the bed, Steve just looked at me for the longest time. Sitting there, looking at him, I could tell that he was nervous. I was starting to wonder who was going to make the first move. It ended up being him.

He grabbed me by my shoulders and lay me down on the bed. Then he started to unzip my pants. I turned over to look at Jessica. She had her chin in her hand, and she was looking at us like she was admiring a piece of art in a museum or something. I could feel how hard I was. I mean, it was so bad that my zipper had to go up- and then downhill as Steve unzipped me. When he had pulled the zipper all the way down, my **** sprung out through the hole in my boxers, like it was coming up for air. I looked over at Jessica. She had this look of absolute joy on her face. You know what? I was glad I could make her feel that happy.

Steve pulled down my pants and underpants in one swift motion. I lifted my hips to help him, and soon I was naked from the waist down. He put his hand on my **** and stroked it lightly, and then he just stared at it for a moment. I was about to ask him if he needed me to do something when he moved toward me and put my **** in his mouth. It felt warm and wet at the same time, and the sensation as he ****ed on me was heavenly. It was a little like a cross between being tickled and scratching an itch. I didn’t really expect it to feel that different than when a girl was doing it, but it actually did. I guess that’s because I’ve always felt sorry for any girl that had to do that. But I didn’t feel sorry for Steve. I knew that he wanted to do it, and that allowed me to relax and just enjoy his mouth.

Fictie en literatuur
23 juli
Tim Strong

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