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Did you notice the hands on the Cover of this eBook devotional? Can you see a father walking with a child? That’s exactly what God wants you this year, to bring you to a place where you are walking closely with Him. The theme for the month of January is “Walking closely with God”. Many believers still make the mistake of thinking that daily victory and all-round success and prosperity is like a “spiritual lottery”, where you can win at a distance. That is a lie we must never believe. The “temperature” of your relationship with God will determine everything about your life.
A healthy devotional life will change your life-forever! A daily revelation of the word of grace brought to us in Christ will put Jesus daily in your sight and set you up for daily victory. Your interest in this devotional, amongst others, is evidence of at least two facts
1.You want to start the new year on the right path for daily victory
2.God has put a desire in your heart to draw closer to Him this year.

You do not have to end 2017 at the same level or with the same challenges you ended 2016 with. A beautiful life with daily victory is not an accident, neither is it a bed of roses for us to lie on. You make it happen. You learn how to unleash the supernatural to work in your life by intimacy with God.

In Glory & Grace Daily for January 2017, Dr. Patrick Oben provides prayerfully written, brief daily devotionals to

¥Draw you closer to God one day at a time so your life becomes like a tree planted by a river, ever green and always fruitful.
¥Show you how to bring God into your daily world and obtain spiritual victory after spiritual victory, day after day.

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2 januari
Patrick Oben

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