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At the age of seven, every kid needs a superhero. It couldn't be otherwise. Those who do not accept that need to rethink their minds.

Elsa's grandmother used to say so.

Elsa was almost eight years old. He knows he's not good at being a seven-year-old. It knows I'm different. The principal said that Elsa had to "change her attitude" to "be more in tune with her peers". Other adults always commented that he was "too old for his age". Elsa guessed it was just a way of implying that she was "an annoying girl", as they often said when she corrected their pronunciation of "déjà vu" or their minor spelling mistakes. Like most big-headed adults. That's why they used the word "older than old" to describe Elsa, with a wry smile for her parents. It was as if it were a disease, and Elsa irked them by not acting as naive as a seven-year-old. This is why he has no friends but his grandmother. Because all seven-year-olds at school are just as dumb as seven-year-olds often seem, when it's different.

Elsa shouldn't care what they say, her grandmother insists. Because the best are different, just look at superheroes. If their superpowers were normal, everyone would have superpowers.

Grandmother was seventy-seven, almost seventy-eight years old. She's also not very good at being a seventy-seven-year-old woman. People could see the old woman because her face was like a crumpled newspaper stuffed into her shoes to prevent mold, but no one saw that she was mature enough for her age. "Bloody theft," was sometimes said to Elsa's mother. Then their faces would turn full of worry or anger, and mom would sigh and ask how much she had to pay, like when she smoked a fire alarm at the hospital and yelled. The way that: "Now, everything must be in accordance with the framework" when asked by the security guards to stop the drug. Or when she built a snowman in a lying position on the balcony of Mrs. Britt-Marie and Mr. Kent, dressing him up in adult clothes to make it look like someone had fallen to the ground. Or when men in glasses knock on door-to-doors in the neighborhood to talk about God, Jesus, and heaven, and she's wearing a nightgown and shooting paintballs at them from her balcony. It's not clear whether Mrs. Britt-Marie was bothered by the paintball shooting or because Elsa's grandmother was wearing nothing under her sloppy nightgown, only that she reported it to the police for both reasons just to be sure.

Those are the times when people see, as a thief, that the grandmother is very young for her age.

They also said she was crazy. But she is actually a genius. Only she was very cranky at the same time. In the past, when she was a doctor, she received awards, was covered by the press, and she went to the worst places in the world, when everyone else had left. She has saved many lives and fought evil all over the world. Like what superheroes do.

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12 oktober
Haylee Schroeder