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First Lesbian Sex in Groups

Group lesbian sex is just one of the things that proves not all first lesbian sex experiences have to follow the whole male fantasy of young women experimenting late at night in some innocent way. Hell, sometimes it’s explosive and just because boys aren’t around doesn’t mean it can’t be intense. We’ve included some scorching stories here of group lesbian encounters, and we’ve even thrown in a rough lesbian gangbang. This collection is for us to enjoy, not to feed the fantasies of our husbands but to feed our own!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various group lesbian sex encounters. It includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, rough lesbian sex, lesbian anal sex, and more.

1. GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT (A First Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story) by Erika Hardwick

Mary Anne doesn’t really want to go on the silly “free vacation” from the timeshare company. She knows it will be nothing but a sales pitch. On the other hand, she and her best friend Darlene have been forgoing their Girls’ nights out, so she decides to go. What an experience it turns out to be! When the friends meet the beautiful and alluring identical twins Cindy and Sandy, things take a turn to the erotic and before long Mary Anne has her first ever lesbian sex experience…and she has it with three other girls!

2. I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BOOK CLUB! (A First Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story) by Nancy Brockton

Life is going well for me, but it’s been hard to just let the whole college experience fade away. I miss the intellectual airs and the focus on literature, so I decide to find a book club. I end up at a hole in the wall bar for a poetry reading and even worm my way into a little group literature get together afterward. I never expected the readings to be so racy, and I certainly never expected four girls to decide it was time to initiate me into my first lesbian experience!

3. STRAPPED (A Very Rough Lesbian Gangbang Short) by Veronica Halstead

Elisha is pledging a sorority, but she has trouble with one order. Even though she’s supposed to give up men during Hell Week, she just can’t keep her mouth off Joey’s dick! When she gets caught, the sisters decide to find out just how much she likes cock, and they have all the red, pink, blue, and black strap-on dildos they need to find out! It’s a rough gangbang like you’ve never read before as only Veronica Halstead can write it with plenty of humiliation!

4. THE LESBIAN BONDAGE PARTY (A Lesbian Seduction Group Sex Erotica Story) by Tracy Bond

I just couldn’t handle the noise anymore! I was eighteen years old and had only moved into the little apartment so I could get away from my parents’ house! How the hell was I supposed to work on Saturdays when there was always a loud party at the apartment upstairs every Friday night? I’d had enough, and on this particular Friday night, I rushed upward in a complete rage. I was ready to give these noisy neighbors a piece of my mind. Then I found out what kind of a party was going on. Then I found out what it meant to be bound and helpless. Then I found out what a first lesbian sex experience was like.

5. WHILE HER HUSBAND’S AWAY, THE GIRLS WILL PLAY (A First Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story) by Erika Hardwick

Danielle has all she could want—an attractive and successful pilot for a husband, a beautiful house, nice neighbors, and a successful career. When a new woman moves into the neighborhood she also finds herself with an invitation to a special party, a pleasure party. Since her husband is away on a flight, she decides to attend. She discovers from some of the neighbor wives that it’s almost like a Tupperware party, but it’s not for dishes! Instead, at this party Danielle will have her first lesbian sex experience with so many of the neighbor’s wives that the only way to describe it is an all-out lesbian orgy!

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