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Have you been looking for a practical help to have a victorious life?

Explore what Jesus teaches on the hills through this devotional. Each day, learn from the biblical figures—from a humble mother who craves for help to a brave warrior who claims for the hills.

I used to say, “I wish there was a bridge that helped me link the teaching in the Bible with life as I experienced it.”  I found that bridge in this book!  Through real life’s stories shared in this book we can relate to the teaching in the Bible.  

— Inge Maskun,

 Author of Embraceable Me: Life’s Transformation through a Journey Inward 

Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

In this thoughtful and thought-provoking book, Fentje E. Palit gives us an elegant and effective crash-course in the key facets of Christian virtue. Innovatively structured around a series of memorable acronyms, the devotions contained within this book promise to consolidate its readers’ knowledge of the best-known sections of the Bible, build our awareness of lesser-known passages, and fill us with a sense of wonder at the intricacies of the world.

— Dr. Nicholas Long,

London School of Economics and Political Science.

London, United Kingdom.

Combining Scriptures, personal experiences and wisdom of remarkable people, author Fentje E. Palit constructs a set of basic Christian principles needed in making a difference in life. Read on and find keys for change toward a more meaningful life purposes.

— Prof. David P. E. Saerang,

Dean of the School of Economics, Sam Ratulangi University.

Manado, Indonesia

Fentje E. Palit, a pastor whose passion is in education, lives with his wife in Tanjungpinang, Indonesia. Their son graduated from biology major in Tennessee and is a medical student in Manila. Their daughter is a senior in Georgia.

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June 9
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