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This compilation of books are all clean Cozy Mystery short stories that do not contain any foul language, sexual situations, witches, or paranormal events. 

Book One - Elected For Murder

It’s election time in Peach City, Missouri. The incumbent Mayor has been with the city for many years without really any challengers until this year. The new contender is pushing for major changes for the city.

Could the local election result in murder?

Book Two - Death and Decorations

Christmas is just a short time away and the newly elected mayor has asked all the local businesses to come together to help decorate the Christmas tree for the downtown square this year.

Will the competition to decorate the tree result in murder?

Book Three - Resolution For Revenge

Cindy Baker has just been asked out on a date to the Peach City New Year's Eve party at the civic center.

Could her first date in years  result in murder?

Book Four - To Kill A Rat

Cindy and her high school friend Kenny had been seeing each other for about a month when he suddenly had to leave town. Feeling a bit vulnerable and alone again she decided to go to the local video store for a distraction. 

Could just renting a movie result in murder?

Book Five - Sleeping Dogs Lie

Peach City Pet Fest is just a few days away.  The Humane Society of Peach City will bring all the adoptable pets and try to find them a forever home.  Kenny, Cindy's new boyfriend, will be showing a dog at one of several entertainment events.

Will attending Pet Fest result in murder?

A Bird In The Hand - Book Six

The President of the Peach City Gun Club asked Cindy Baker to rent the Happy Bear Cafe to them for the weekly members meeting.  The Gun Club building is undergoing renovations and they just need a temporary location to hold their weekly meeting.

What could possibly go wrong with a bunch of gun toting men all in one place?

Book Seven - Picture Perfect

It's been years since Cindy bought anything new for her house. Now that she's been spending more time away the Happy Bear Café and more time at home, and she's decided it might be time for a remodel.  Cindy asked her employee, Margaret to help her find some new furniture.

Could a simple home remodel result in murder?

Detectives en thrillers
9 april
99 Cent Press

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