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Curvy, cute and sometimes confident Jenna needed some time to think before her wedding, so she sought the calm serenity of the woods she visited as a girl. At first, everything is normal, but soon the shadows around her come alive.

As her mind swims with horror stories she heard as a child, a howl breaks the night, and she runs deeper and deeper into the forest. Soon she’s surrounded by wolves, but to her surprise, right alongside her terrible fear lays an even deeper, burning, forbidden lust.

The pack’s alpha claims Jenna, but before he accepts her as his mate, she must pass a test – a raw, primal encounter with his subordinates that’s sure to leave her sore and strained... and gasping for more!

Warning – this 8000 word erotic romance features a wild, ravenous werewolf ménage, a virgin’s first taste, primal desires, and a mate who cannot wait to be claimed.


A groan escaped the alpha’s mouth and he crept forward, lowered his head, and slid his tongue along my neck. “Enough,” he growled. “My desire for you burns. Soon, you will take my... my seed. But first, my sons must induct you into the...” he turned his head, coughing wildly before he turned back. “To the pack. You will become one of us, your soul must be a wolf before you can hold my,” he stopped just short of telling me exactly what he was going to do, but I had some kind of idea.

“A test?” I asked as my fingers dropped away from him when he moved.

My question made the alpha laugh a horrible, strained laugh. “If you can’t handle them,” he said, cocking his head. “Then why do you think you could handle me?”

I sucked a breath deep into my lungs, inhaling his scent one last time before he was gone.

“Now,” he growled. “Prepare my mate. And don’t try anything. Do you understand, Althar?”

I turned my head to see which one he was talking to, but to my surprise, something absolutely unbelievable – even after all that – took place. The copper-colored wolf lay on his side, panting. He acknowledged what his father said, but then he wrenched from around, thrashing so hard I thought he’d break his back.

Moments later, he stood on his hind legs as they filled with muscle and the fur seemed to recede into his skin. His body twisted, contorted, and before my eyes, he turned into something very similar to a man – a human man – but he was just slightly different.

And way, way, bigger.

Every part of him was huge. The muscles of his legs, his hard biceps, and his powerful chest were all more impressive and intimidating than any person I’d ever seen.

And then, I looked down.

Fictie en literatuur
September 1
Francis Ashe

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