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An eminent Homeopathic Consultant and Diet Consultant from South India, Dr. Sonali is a famous columnist of Tarun Bharat Daily.

She has published her first book on health , titled AROGYAMANTRA, which is already popular amongst readers in its Marathi version, of which the second edition is on its way to be published. This book is translated into Kannada and English. The preface to English Version is written by Hon.Cabinet Health Minister Mr.ShripadNaik .The preface to the Kannada book is written by Hon.Member of Parliament and noted Educationist Dr.PrabhakarKore. The Marathi books preface is by eminent activist Dr.Kumar Saptarshi.

Dr Sonali has developed a unique healing system with Homeopathy and nature care !! This system developed by her, helps to cure the patientin a holistic manner and is called as `` Pathological Prescription based on totality of symptoms and pathological presentation of the case.
This system cures the disease in a short duration, against the myth that Homeopathic treatment is lengthy.

After the treatment is over, a diet advice,advice about organic food and life style maintenance from Dr.Sarnobat gives a patient post treatment support so that s/he can lead a happy and healthy life.

She has a GMP certified manufacturing unit to manufacture natural hair-care and skin- care products which help to maintain the aesthetic health of the patients.

She had been a speaker in many symposiums, seminars and public health forums and is also involved in many social activities.

In this book HEALTH MANTRA Dr. Sonali Sarnobat has straddled dual roles, one of a dedicated Doctor who she is, and that of a good Samaritan who spreads the message of good for the betterment of the people. Her efforts are appreciated in bringing out a book that clearly depicts the health issues with reasons, symptoms, treatment as well as preventive aspects, all in a simple manner. Reading this book is not at all a serious experience, as most medical books tend to be, but a joyous one since she has kept the tone of the book extremely positive. It makes the reader feel that even if he ever begets this disease, help and treatment is at hand. She has always held Homeopathy,Naturopathy,Yoga,Diet in very high regards, especially for its property to treat a disease from its root with zero side effects. All patrons of this field of medicine are going to find this book utterly useful.

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