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I'm proud to release this third Hearts Aflame Collection. Thank you for all your amazing support.

Exposed (Memoirs of a Retired Assassin, Book 1)
Jeanine is a private assassin for a secret government organization. She and her partner Liam, who is also her sometimes lover, are tasked with killing a Saudi official. However, they are intercepted before they can complete their mission, yet still framed for the murder. Both are sent to prison and disavowed. Liam manages to escape, but is unable to rescue Jeanine.

John, Jeanine’s first love, reads about her situation in the newspaper. He’s been looking for her for ten years, ever since he broke her heart and she ran away from him. He visits her in prison and promises he can help her escape. Can Jeanine let go of her old anger and resentment toward John and accept his help?

Heat in the Kitchen (Cooking Up Passion, Book 1)
As the billionaire head of a major company, Ethan Richmond feels the weight of his enormous responsibilities crushing down on him, until he meets the one woman who can set him free by tying him up. Jocelyn Ricci is the beautiful and talented chef he hired to work in his kitchen, but she has a passion for more than just cooking and can see the stress that her handsome boss is under. When Jocelyn offers to introduce Ethan to the kinky world of bondage and domination sex games by playing the part of his Mistress, things in the kitchen really heat up! The steamy affair turns Ethan into a new man, but not everybody is happy about it and will do everything they can to ruin him. Will things get too hot for them or are they just getting warmed up?

Negociation (Smith Dynasty, Book 1)
Lucy Smith is the only child of Charles and Abigail Smith. After her father’s untimely passing, she is left as the owner of the third largest shipping company in the world. Lucy puts in a proposal that would make her father’s company the second largest in the world. She has one small problem; her father sold 10% of the company to Jake Logan, the most gorgeous man Lucy has ever seen, but also the most hard-headed and stubborn. Lucy needs his signature to complete what will be the company’s largest shipment to date.

Jake Logan knew the moment he laid eyes on Lucy Smith that she was the woman he had waited his whole life for. It was love at first sight. Jake has one hurdle to overcome in making Lucy his wife: Lucy herself. She has sworn off relationships and Jake is bound and determined to make her see she can have both; a successful marriage as well as a successful and thriving business.

Forests Dark and Deep (Following the Wolf, Book 1)
Abandoned by her parents at a nunnery by the side of an ancient forest, Riona has always known that she was different. Despite her innate passion and her natural curiosity, she is resigned to spending her life as a pious sister of the order until a pack of werewolves arrive to show her just how special she really is.

Rordan is the wolf king of the Dunclough pack, and for his beloved people, he will cross any line and break any law. He was ready for anything, but when his chosen prey turns out to be a beautiful, curvy woman with a fiery spirit and a wild streak, he finds that his plans need to change.

Riona must learn about her sacred heritage while learning about the ways of the werewolves and the heart of the man who abducted her.

Romantische fictie
9 februari
MFH Ink Publishing

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