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A brother, long believed dead, comes within a sword's stroke of fratricide in a dark dungeon. He is a man driven by tragedy, yet family ties are not strong enough to sway him from his endless hunt.

A lonely woman learns what it is to truly submit to the will of her master. In faith and desperation, she gives of herself freely not knowing that a demon from her past has been resurrected and given the means to find her once again.

A wolf is forced to confront the curse that hounds him without ceasing night and day. In a voice of dust and ashes, the answer he is given is one of merciless, wicked betrayal.

And vampires flock to the call of a monster and its sinister machinations. Like a twisted puppet master, it shall decide the fates of one and all.

An excerpt:

Sara looked down to the arms that encircled her. Hard, like iron, they held her in a grasp that seemed to promise they would never let go. They spoke of security as her lover bent to take her earlobe between his lips.

He tugged back, then released her before moving lower, along her neckline, searching for more of her to savor.

She slipped her fingers into the grooves of his knuckles, following the hills and valleys of his hand. Her own seemed so small and pale by comparison. With his under hers, her hand looked like that of a child.

Raised veins ran like branches of a tree under her fingertips, and Sara knew that the man who held her was as strong as an oak, as unyielding as steel.

She also knew this because she had seen the fangs lining his mouth as these same powerful hands had become enormous black paws. The beast within him had shown itself in all its indomitable power and was the perfect mirror of the enigmatic man. Possessed of secrets that went far beyond the impossible, this was a man with one foot firmly in the realm of myth and legend.

And it was her that he held in his powerful arms as he bent to gently kiss her bare shoulder.

Sara smiled even though she knew he could not see her. Like giant balls of cotton, white clouds rolled by the rounded window of the bedroom cabin as his personal jet carried them towards another continent. For some reason, they reminded her of cotton candy.

“I like flying,” she said, then sighed as she felt his teeth upon her skin.

“And I like biting,” he replied before returning to her shoulder, nipping along its outline before he shifted his grip and took her hand in his own.

He brought it to his face, then turned her hand so that the palm faced him. Then, he held his lips to the few lines running across its surface, kissing her like a gentleman would a fair lady.

She felt ridiculous, but loved that he did it all the same.
“I want you, Sara.”

They turned to face one another. Fingers interlaced as hungry lips did the same. Warm tongues flickered in a humid dance before they were falling back upon the bed with sweat breaking upon their bodies….

Romantische fictie
8 oktober
Aimelie Aames

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