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Christian Inspirational Fiction - Book 6 of 24 by a USA Today Bestselling & Award winning Author


She wanted marriage. But he hated commitment—especially marriage. Will their love survive?

Rebecca Singer had wanted to be a wife and mother since she was a little girl. Meeting handsome Tanner Huddleston, and falling in love with him hadn't been in her plans. She also wasn't prepared to handle his aversion to a lifetime commitment of marriage, but she wouldn't accept anything less. When pressure mounts on him from life, will he give her up and stay independent? Will she walk away or take a chance on God's plan of marriage for them and wait for him to learn?


Tanner Huddleston was devastated when his big sister, Sharon's life unraveled. He watched her struggle to pick up the pieces, trusting in the God he'd given up on a long time ago. Relying on his wit to navigate him through life, he soon found out the people he confided in had plans for him they never shared—plans targeted to pull him down. So, he got craftier.

So far, he'd done pretty well keeping his secrets from popping open and his lies perfectly in a row, making sure his family believed he was where he had to be and doing what he had to do—until he got caught at the wrong place, with the wrong things, and by the right people. With all his plans ruined and a bleak future staring him in the face, Tanner decided he'd never trust anyone again and definitely never commit to marrying anyone.

Questions trailed him. His brokenhearted parents searched his life for distant answers while the love he could've had slipped from his hands.

Now at crossroads and without options, could he give this God his family loved but Whom he never cared about a chance to fix his mess? When he hits rock bottom amid the rubble of his stack of lies, will he yield his shaky future to God for a fresh start?


HIS CHANGED LIFE (New Beginnings #2) is Book 6 of 24 in USA Today Bestselling Author Joy Ohagwu's combined Christian Inspirational Fiction catalogue of the After Series, the New Beginnings Series, and the Excellence Club -- All hope-filled Christian Inspirational Fiction. Enjoy all Twenty-Four books Today!

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15 juni
Divine Breakthrough Infinity

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