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Holly Hagan's Body Bible is a 12 week guide, giving you a complete diet plan for EVERY MEAL and step by step exercise and cardio plan, which combined, seriously shift fat fast! Inside the book you'll find Holly's exact diet plan, guiding you through every single meal for 12 weeks. Giving you the power to select foods you like, follow this diet strictly, along with a super simple exercise plan which can be performed at home or in the gym and just like Holly, you'll burn fat. Holly Hagan is almost unrecognisable from the girl who first hit our screen's on MTV'S hit show Geordie Shore. Overweight and unhappy, Holly was depressed about the way she looked, until one day when she decided to take matters into her own hands by transforming her lifestyle and body. Holly herself, will admit it's been hard work, but now, healthy, happy and three stone lighter she wants to share her secret's with you. For the first time, Holly has brought together everything she did to change her look and it's all here in her simpler 12 Week Body Bible. Most of us would like to burn some fat, tone up and look healthier, by following Holly's complete everyday diet, along with her fat busting exercises for the total 12 weeks, she will give you all the advice to enhance your body. Start your journey right here! This diet worked for Holly, and it will work for you!

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17 april
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DawnRuis ,

Good motivation

I'm so proud of Holly the exercises realy worked and she's so skinny now💋👍🏻

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