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Hot billionaire bosses take fresh, young employees whenever and wherever they want.

This sizzling 6-book-bundle features sexy dominant men who don't hide in the dark to take what they want. Young submissive women are coaxed into surrendering completely in offices, casinos, parking lots, coffee shops, balconies, and dungeons. The embarrassed ladies bare it all to colleagues and complete strangers in broad daylight.

If you like your men sexy, dominant and determined to take your body in broad daylight in front of strangers, then step right in for this collection of unapologetically steamy short stories.

This anthology contains all six office-themed shorts including:

Office Domination

Alice Starling thinks she is prepared for the interview with notoriously eccentric multimillionaire, Caleb Stone. That is, until she walks into the office and sees him pinning a woman against the wall, firm fingers buried deep inside her as she writhes and moans in pleasure.

Unbeknownst to Alice, her interview with the dominating businessman is about to veer into uncharted territory. For each question he answers, she had to complete a unconventional, perverse task, ranging from strolling around the office in just her underwear, to walking to the coffee shop with vibrators inside her.

And she has a lot of questions...

Office Lust

Trent doesn't want to hire a woman in his company - he has to. His company's HR department is demanding that he interviews candidates of the opposite sex for well, any position really. When he sees the line of stunningly beautiful women standing in a perfect straight line, he intends to make it as impossible to pass as he can.

Ellie doesn't want to work with Trent Caldwell - she has to. Her bills aren't going to pay themselves and she's ready to do well, just about anything really. When she sees the devastatingly handsome interviewer, she intends to do anything he asks to get the job.

"Strip or leave."

She didn't think twice.

Office Tease

Andrea Jason knows she's not the one. She too decent, too young, too innocent, too inexperienced, too everything. But he can't keep his mind off her. He doesn't want to love her. He wants to posses her, body, soul, and mind. So he stays away.

Twenty-one years old Haley Hammond has been lusting over her boss for the past three months. Power oozes off him in waves and she's instantly smitten. She is intent on getting him to notice her, even if that means wearing as little as nothing to work.

Their happily ever after is filled with domination, bondage, toys, and steamy scenes that should have no place in an office with glass windows.

"It's not nice to tease..."

Office Surrender

Julia likes to believe she is a strong, confident woman. But when she finds out that Mason Fayle, her father's old friend and the source of her nightmares, is her new employer, her heart stops and all her fear of the imposing older man comes rushing back. She soon finds out that there is a different, far more captivating side to him that crumbles her confident exterior completely. She finds herself surrendering to his every demand and granting his every desire, no matter how obscene and humiliating. Go on, take a look inside and join her as she dreams of ropes, whips, clamps, and a certain blue-eyed man.

Office Obligations & 

Office Pleasures

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Daisy Rose

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