How To Learn Korean

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This Book reviews a collection of twenty-six, hand-selected resources to learn, improve and maintain your Korean language skills. Its goal is to kick-start your journey into learning the foreign language of your choice. No need to waste time searching for online language resources on the web because we have done the job for you.

This book is designed to help you and us. You move straight to picking up a resource because there is no time wasted on questions like:

•“Which Korean language resource is the best?”; or
•“If only someone could recommend a good book to learn Korean!”

Use your daily time allowance of ten to twenty minutes to actually learn a language with resources we suggest for you here. The reviews are independent and, at the time of writing, we receive no retribution or incentives for reviewing them - so you can be sure of an unbiased opinion. In fact, we were so impressed with many of the resources, we took our own advice. As a result, most of the language resources reviewed here have been bookmarked in our online libraries and are used by us or our friends to learn Korean.

Please let us make something clear.
Many of the resources suggested in this book are available free of charge on the web (at the time of writing). However, our reviews, links, experience and observations regarding those resources most certainly add value for you. We are aware that the world we live in today is a busy one. Because of this, we have independently researched, reviewed and linked to those language resources so that you can dedicate your daily twenty minutes directly to learning the foreign language of your choice.

We are persuaded that the symbolic amount of money you have paid for this book is fully justified by the usefulness of the language resources we have reviewed and the research time you will save as a result of buying this book. Should this not be the case, please see the price of the book as donation to maintain and improve DuLaBoo for other language learners. We thank you for that in advance.

Should you wish to contact us with suggestions or improvements, please refer to the “Contact & Links” page at the end of the book.

18 februari
Det Nilam

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