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A brand new collection of state-of-the-art insights into human resources, talent management, and employee engagement…now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

3 indispensable eBooks help HR professionals transform talent management, supercharge workforces, and optimize the entire HR function!

Three remarkable books offer indispensable, actionable solutions for finding, keeping, and engaging great employees, and optimizing all facets of the HR function. In Investing in People, renowned HR researchers Wayne F. Cascio and John W. Boudreau help HR practitioners choose, implement, and use metrics to improve decision-making, increase organizational effectiveness, and optimize the value of all HR investments. In 17 Rules Successful Companies Use to Attract and Keep Top Talent, top talent management consultant David Russo shows how to systematically build a workforce that's truly engaged, committed, aligned with strategy, and capable of incredible performance. Russo reveals exactly what great companies do differently when it comes to managing their people—and shows how to apply those lessons in areas ranging from resourcing and compensation to leadership development and culture. In The Definitive Guide to HR Communication, Alison Davis and Jane Shannon offer dozens of practical tips for transforming employee-directed communications from boring to compelling. Organized around the employment cycle, this one-of-a-kind handbook gives HR pros an approach and specific techniques they can use every time they communicate—in any medium, whatever the goal!

From world-renowned leaders in human resources and employee communications, including Wayne F. Cascio, John W. Boudreau, David Russo, Alison Davis, and Jane Shannon.

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5 december
Pearson Education

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