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This Is Volume 5 of The Prophetic Book Series, I AM COMING. This Series Contains Urgent Messages From God The Lord Jesus, God The Father, and God The Holy Spirit, about the soon Rapture and Tribulation. Some prophetic words from Jesus in I Am Coming, Volume 5 :

“Most people lead a life beyond OUR Will, how can this be pleasing to US MY children? A Father only wants the best for HIS children and HE also knows what is good. So come and let OUR Will fill you for these last hours here on earth.

The time is extremely short and many must yet enter. But once the appointed time is there, MY FATHER will not hesitate anymore and the signal will be given. The darkness and her activities are ready.

Everything is planned and she just waits until MY Light, MY bride will be removed. Then she will strike mercilessly and those who are not entered as the bride will have to pay an expensive price for a place in MY Kingdom. Understand this yet very well MY beloved.

If anyone who calls on MY NAME would be saved, then it was not necessary to send out so many warnings. Then it was not necessary to come every day with a repentant heart before OUR Face.

Understand MY WORD and read it as it is. Ask ME and MY SPIRIT for understanding in your spirit.

O’ do come MY children with pure passion, with pure willpower, and a pure desire to know and love your GOD. This is OUR Desire. This is OUR Desire of OUR Heart. O’ come! O’ come!

The time is so short and MY bride will no longer be sad or disappointed because of the long wait.

Come MY beloved, the time is now. And ‘now’ will suddenly, very suddenly be a ‘sudden’ and then many will have self-pity and lick their wounds. Then the antichrist will come and strike and take abuse of the situation grandiosely, by deceiving many with false kind, sweet words.

Words without content, words full of lies, cooked ready in the deepest darkness, where he reigns in his pavilion. So be wise and sensible MY beloved. Please, make a right choice and do it quickly!

Your JESUS.”

Religie en spiritualiteit
29 juni
Susan Davis

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