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iCode - an initiative from iTeach to gets kids coding and provide teachers with as much help as possible to do so. iCode is a curriculum focused programme using iPad, a range of amazing apps and extended by fabulous technology from Sphero and Parrot. iCode is a fantastic start for all schools in coding and programming.

This book is the teacher guide - introducing key coding concepts, mapping the curriculum, guiding teachers through some of the apps you will use in class, introduce how to use drones and robotics and provide you with help and guidance on setting up an after-school club.

iCode is built around the concept of an after schools club, but all of the resources and guides are equally at home in the classroom within the structure of the school day. Starting at Foundation stage right through KS3/S3, iCode resources are mapped to the curriculum for all regions of the UK and the US through K12. 

Grab this book, then register on the main iCode site where you can download lots of extra help - start off with some lesson plans and get right into the learning or download resources to set up your club. There are Keynote presentations, posters, door signs and completion certificates. We have even produced membership cards and awards for your pupils.

We’ll keep things moving throughout the year with new lesson plans every term, events and competitions and some great activities around Code Week. 

iCode - motivating pupils for coding and programming and providing teachers with everything they need. 

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June 22

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