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Sleep is weird, don't you think?

For about one-third of every day, you just lie there. Yet, without sufficient sleep, we wouldn't be able to perform, remember anything or even feel healthy.

Sleep really is the cornerstone of life.

BUY: 'Insomnia'

Unfortunately, many people are sleep deprived. Sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea can have a detrimental impact on the quality of your life.

I have good news for you though: You can take back control of your life.

Get Your Copy of 'Insomnia'

In this book, you will learn:
What sleep is and how it worksWhy we sleep, and how much we needWhy we dreamWhat sleep disorders are, andWhy seven common sleeping myths are not true
But real change comes from taking action.

That is why the meat and potatoes of this book are 84 practical Sleep Hacks that will help you to fall asleep fast and sleep like a baby! You will learn how to:
Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuaryTurn your bed into a sleep havenUse light and darkness to sleep betterStay away from electronic devices in the eveningChange your diet, andMany other strategies to improve your sleep quality!
If you have trouble sleeping, these are your magic pills. No need for sleep medication anymore. These practical sleep hacks will put you in pole position, giving you the best possible shot at relaxing and overcoming lack of sleep.

Read this book. Apply the Sleep Hacks. And end your insomnia!

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8 maart
Peter Cook

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