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He’s got a c*ck like iron and a heart like steel.


This little garage is all I have left of my dead father.

And Jay Healey is about to set it on fire.

He thinks he can do whatever he wants.

But just because he’s a gorgeous outlaw, doesn’t mean I’m just gonna roll over and take it from him.

Until he makes me do exactly that.

Pretending to be my boyfriend?

Forcing me to accept his “protection?”

It’s driving me d*mn near crazy.

Mostly because, as infuriating as he is, the biker has staked a claim in my heart.

My chest throbs every time he strolls in the garage.

And when he pins me against the wall and kisses me fierce…

I completely come apart.


I’ve got a war on my hands.

I’m a veteran of the motorcycle club world, and I know firsthand how ugly these things can get.

Men will suffer.

Blood will be spilled.

And if innocent little Teagan is caught in the crossfire, she’s as good as dead.

That’s why I took her to my MC’s clubhouse – for her own safety.

She doesn’t like it…. Not one bit.

But that’ll change soon.

Because as soon as I get my hands on her curves, she’s gonna be addicted to me.

One taste of my iron rod, and she’s hooked for life.   

But after that first touch, things start changing faster than I can handle.

I go back to her again and again.

Maybe I’m the one with an addiction.

All I know is this:

If my enemies think they can come into my house and take my woman, they’d better think again.

Because I’ll kill them all to protect what’s mine.

This is the Complete Iron Series by Kathryn Thomas.

Romantische fictie
14 november
Wild Hearts Romance

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