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Are you planning on coming to Italy for vacation, studies or work?
Learning by reading short stories is actually an effective method to learn a language.
When you read these 10 clever Italian short stories, written by talented authors and linguists, you are in the process of successfully learning Italian. Your objective is to simply focus on a single short story at a time. and continue with the exercises.

All the Italian short stories are culturally relevant and consist of multiple genres, including romance, mystery, sauna adventures, “prepper lifestyle”, crowdfunding, crime and humor.

These professional written and captivating stories are suitable for beginners to middle-Intermediate level learner, but also for anyone who wants to learn the Italian language. Simply, Italian language learning at its best!

The Italian stories for beginners include stories in parallel text,
key-vocabulary and phrase lists, multiple choice questions, exercises, and English - Italian summaries of each story.

At the end of this book you find an ITALIAN PHRASEBOOK with over 700+ essential phrases and expression in 37 categories. (Italian edition - Italian Phrasebook)

1. Ti ho incontrato nella sauna
I meet you at the spa
2. Una religiosa famiglia Italiano
A religious Italian family
3. Raccolta fondi per la nuova cucina
Crowdfunding for a new kitchen
4. La donna ubriacona
The old lush
5. Come trovare un miliardario in crociera
How to find a millionaire on cruise trip
6. La serata al barbecue
The Barbecue evening
7. Il tesoro nei boschi
The treasure in the woods
8. L'eremita dalla Trentino
The hermit from Trentino
9. Americani in Germania
Americans in Germany
10. La domestica polacca
The Polish maid

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