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He's not the kind of man I should want

But he's everything I need

Our attraction is instant

Our problems are immediate

If I lose him, I fear I'll lose myself.


He's a bad boy who lives hard and plays harder…but somehow, I can't resist him…

I know I'm not a failure, even after dropping out of college, but the challenge is proving it to everyone else. And when an opportunity knocks, I know I'm going to grab it and convert it into something meaningful.

I didn't expect Leo Delaney. He's the town troublemaker, a ripped alpha male who is nothing I need, but everything my curves crave. I know my brother wouldn't approve of me getting involved with his best friend, but how can I resist when Leo's body is as bitingly hot as his tongue?

And that's why when things heat up between us, we decide to keep it a secret, no matter what.  

…So what will I do now that I'm pregnant with his baby?


She's broken all my rules, but I might end up breaking her heart. That is, if she doesn't break mine first.

I lived my life by two simple rules: Never stay in one place too long, and never stay with the same woman for more than three nights.  I ran through women like wine and savored every single sip. I knew what I wanted and I let nothing stand in my way.

Then Quinn Moore crashed into my life and shattered all of my rules.

Every time I lock eyes with her, all sense and 'shoulds' go out of the window

The only problem?

Her brother is my best friend and I know if he ever finds out about us, I'm a dead man. Even knowing the score, I can't keep my hands off her. She's smart, irresistible, and oh man…that hourglass figure…it should be illegal. She's dangerous in the best way and despite the sneaking around, secrets and siblings, I can't resist her.

This is messed up, way too messed up!

Romantische fictie
23 oktober
Amy Brent

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